How long does it take to charge an iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Such factors as phone charging speed and battery life play an important role for everyone. When we hurry, we want to charge our phones as quickly as possible. Sometimes we want to watch videos and charge our phones simultaneously. Of course, it will be good to have an infinite battery, but it is impossible. Many things affect the charging speed. It is your charger type, for example. Is it fake or the original? In which country it was made? All people are interested in these questions when buying a new iPhone. In general, if you buy the newest iPhone which is expensive, you want him to be ideal. To save the accumulator life you should buy only quality chargers, and it is desirable to buy an Apple production. But there are many other factors that you should consider. Let’s go!

Do you think about iPhone 11 Pro Max charging speed?

Everything changed only with the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, which received an 18W charger versus the usual 5W (like the iPhone 11). Of course, with this equipment charging has become the fastest. We have already done the research and have learned that iPhone 11 Pro Max can charge up to 100% in an hour and a half. But such fast charging depends on battery capacity. If you buy a new iPhone, not used, you will have 100% accumulator capacity and you will charge the phone fully for 1,5 hours. We used an original Apple charger which was included with our device. Interestingly, iPhone 11 Pro can be charged faster than iPhone 11 Pro Max for 15 minutes. Another interesting example is the comparison with the older models phones: iPhone X can be charged fully only for 3 hours or more. So you can make a conclusion that iPhone 11 Pro Max charges 2 times faster than iPhone X. 

What you should consider when buying iPhone 11 Pro Max?

By the way, you should not use chargers with more power than 18W, because the battery will be quickly destroyed. To save the battery capacity you should use only the original chargers. Don’t interrupt the process of charging more than 3 times during the day! It is the most popular problem that hurts your device the most. It is better to charge the iPhone up from 20% to 80% every day. Only one time a month you should charge it up from 0% to 100%. By the way, you should not worry about leaving your phone charging all night. It is a myth that such a way can destroy battery life quickly. Today Apple makes a special charging connector that can stop energy input. Another thing is the air temperature. You can consider that your iPhone can switch off when you walk down the street in cold weather. It can harm the accumulator. The same thing is scorching temperatures. If you live in a heat place the temperatures may affect the battery as well as cold.

As you can see, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a really good battery and it can be in use for a long time. You should just keep some rules to save its battery life and you will be very happy about your choice!