How long does 100 percent battery last on iPhone 8?

battery iPhone 8

The capacity of iPhone 8 batteries is growing, but iOS is not becoming more optimized in terms of energy consumption, and therefore one of the most discussed issues among users of Apple smartphones is still associated with problems with the fast discharge of the iPhone.

      How to increase iPhone standalone downtime

      Here you can find the ways to increase the operating time of Apple smartphones without the need for recharging.

      1. Start using the power saving mode

      Starting with iOS 9, Apple invited iPhone owners to use the power saving mode. “Energy Saving Mode” allows you to extend the standalone downtime of the iPhone for three additional hours. You can activate the mode in the menu “Settings” → “Battery”.

      2. Set the minimum display lock time

      It is a simple but extremely useful setting. In the menu “Settings” → “Screen and brightness” → “Auto-lock”, check the box for “30 s”. This will allow the iPhone display to automatically lock after only 30 seconds of inactivity.

      3. Turn off background content updates

      The more applications on your iPhone that turn to the Internet for any information, the faster the smartphone discharges. Go to the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Update content” and disable the applications whose background activity you want to disable.

      4. Disable unnecessary pop-up notifications

      Each notification from the application on the iPhone activates the display, which, as you know, consumes the most battery power. That is why it is recommended to keep the list of applications with pop-up notifications turned on in order. Go to the menu “Settings” → “Notifications” and disable notifications from unnecessary applications.

      5. Turn on “Airplane mode” when the signal of the mobile network is weak

      When the iPhone cannot establish a stable connection to the cellular network, it starts sending signals to the service provider over and over again. The smartphone spends a lot of effort on this operation, and, accordingly, the battery charge. “Airplane mode” allows banning the iPhone to send signals to the service provider in case of a poor connection.      If your iPhone discharges quickly, you can contact Mr Fix, where qualified specialists will certainly help you.