How Do I Fix My Camera On My iPhone 11

iphone touch screen not working

There are times when the iPhone camera crashes due to a software failure. In this situation, replacing the camera is not required, and repairing the device comes down to software update. Reprogramming a smartphone is able to eliminate defects in the camera, and it will begin to function correctly.

The exact reason for the failure of the iPhone camera can be determined by a specialist in Mr. Fix service center. And if the failure turns out to be non-software, then professional iPhone camera replacement will help to fix the problem.

Why do I need to Replace the iPhone 11 Camera?

An increase in the total glass surface of the smartphone entails an increase in the fragility of the device, which is reflected in the cameras, so it will have to be repaired on the iPhone 11 as a result of:

  • Falling onto a hard surface from a great height
  • Crushing in your pocket
  • Long stay in water
  • Internal circuit
  • Factory defect

Sometimes customers turn to our service after unsuccessful attempts to restore the device without proper qualifications.

Signs indicating the need to repair the iPhone camera:

  • The flash does not work
  • When photographing, you can hear a characteristic click, but the photographing process does not occur
  • Getting a blurry image
  • When the application starts, the screen constantly displays “camera in standby mode”

If you encounter one of these problems, most likely you will need to replace the iPhone camera, which you should entrust to specialists. In Mr Fix, experienced professionalists will diagnose device malfunctions and fix them in a short time. We work with all models of Apple smartphones: iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4 and 4S, iPhone 5, 5C and iPhone 5S.

Replacing the front or rear camera of the iPhone 11 requires a complete disassembly of the device. To do this, our specialists use special thin screwdrivers, tweezers to disconnect fragile connectors, suction cups for the screen and other devices, as well as the ability to handle them filigree. Even if you only need to replace the glass of the camera of the iPhone 11, you cannot avoid parsing, and in order not to “kill” the phone completely with one careless movement, it is not recommended to open the case yourself.

What Mr Fix offers its customers:

1. Affordable price

2. Free device diagnostics

3. Warranty for all types of work and components 

4. We use only original parts