How activate iPhone without iTunes?


Activating iPhone is the process by which a device reads the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) from the SIM card and sends it to the Apple activation server. On the IMSI server, it is checked whether the subscriber is allowed to use the services of the cellular network in which they are located. If the iPhone is “unlocked”, that is, not “tied” to one operator, the activation server sends a unique code to the phone that puts the Lockdown module into an active state and activates the cellular network.

You will learn from our step-by-step instruction how to activate the iPhone without iTunes. With the release of iOS 5, it has become much easier to activate the iPhone, since starting with iOS 5 and later, users have the opportunity to activate the iPhone without using a computer with Internet access and iTunes.

Preparatory stage

– Charge your iPhone for 15-20 minutes.

– Put the SIM card in your iPhone.

– Make sure Wi-Fi network is available or that your SIM card has access to the Internet.

Steps of the activation process

Step 1.

Swipe the screen of your smartphone to begin setting up the device.

Step 2.

Select the language that will be installed in the iPhone (for example iPhone X), find English in the list, after selecting it, the configuration steps will be displayed in English. To move to the next step, click the arrow in the upper right corner.

Step 3.

The country, where the smartphone will be used, is the United States as a default. If you click “Show more”, you can choose another country. Country selection will not affect the operation of iPhone in other countries.

Step 4.

The next step suggests enabling or disabling location services. This feature will allow you to determine your location in the Maps application, pave the way somewhere and find restaurants, cinemas, gas stations, and so on. And with the help of location services, you can “Find Friends”, “Find My iPhone”.

Step 5.

Connect your iPhone to an available Wi-Fi network. Select it and enter the password. Or skip the step to use mobile Internet to transfer data on activation.

Step 6.

How to set up your iPhone. At this stage, there are three options for setting up your smartphone:

  • Configure as new.
  • Restore from iCloud backup copy. Use this option in case you saved the information in the cloud storage from the previous iPhone and want to restore it on the new one.
  • Restore from backup copy in iTunes. If you want to restore to iPhone all the data from a copy on the computer.

Choose the appropriate option and continue.

Step 7.

You need to enter an existing Apple ID or create a new one. An Apple account is required for use in all Apple services: starting with shopping and downloading content and ending with logging into iCloud. When creating a new Apple ID account, follow all instructions on the iPhone screen.

Step 8.

ICloud service. You must agree or refuse to use the service. The first option is preferable, since you can store a backup copy of the iPhone in the cloud and restore it at the right time via the Internet, purchases from the iTunes Store, photos for access via the Internet and much more.

Step 9.

You will need to choose the storage location for your backup copy: on a computer or in iCloud. Then you can change your choice in the settings or configure both methods of storage.

Step 10.

Agree to the iOS Terms and Conditions and enable or disable Siri, the voice assistant.

Step 11.

“Find my iPhone”. The function will be very useful if you lose your smartphone, as it uses the built-in GPS sensor when searching.

Step 12.

Enable or disable the sending of diagnostic reports for Apple from your iPhone, so the company can analyze errors and optimize system performance.

Step 13.

Click the “Start using iPhone” button.