Fridays for Ukraine – Mr. Fix Shares 20% Profit Made on Friday with Affected Ukrainians

Amid the war on Ukraine, Mr. Fix offers a helping hand to the affected citizens through a “Fridays for Ukraine” campaign. In these challenging times, the company is set to share 20% of its profit gained each Friday. 

“I am a Ukrainian American and came to this country in 2015. I found the people of the United States extremely caring. I have made some great friends here, and I never felt like a stranger while still have been helping Ukraine from the overseas” – Denys Kobzan, Owner of Mr. Fix says.

However, the recent Ukrainian war made Kobzan think of his family, friends, and the people of Ukraine, who are still in crisis even more.

“It worries me, like most of us, when I think about Ukrainians suffering from the war. So our company decided to take a stand and help the sufferers. We are now sharing 20% of our profit from Friday’s sale.” – Denys said.

Be a Part of the “Fridays for Ukraine” Campaign

The 20% of the profit will be used to continue providing water, food, medicine, and baby formula to Ukrainians. So as a customer, whether you go for a computer or phone repair to any Mr. Fix stores in the US, you can also become a great contributor to helping the Ukrainian people.

Moreover, Denys has established “TomorrowUkraine,” where everyone can donate as much as they want.  And proudly, he already fundraised and donated $11,000 to the affected.

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