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Have you received your new iPhone? After you receive it, the first question you may face is how to charge your new device for the first time. This post will teach you how to charge your device for a better battery life.

Although the battery, which comes bundled with the new phone, has a small amount of energy (the result of quality control), it needs a first charge. You must keep in mind that it should last about a day, or at least a night. It is necessary to say thanks to the inventors who created the three-stage technology for charging batteries. Due to this, the phone battery operates at the highest possible level.

Battery Health

You have to know some important information about battery health before you charge your device for the first time. Actually, it is the current condition of your battery and is usually shown as a persentage. The way you charge your iPhone directly affects the battery life. It can be affected by many factors, like temperature or charger and so on. What you can control currently is how you charge your device.

Instructions: how to charge a new phone battery correctly

1. Connect the charger cable to the iPhone. Insert the charger into an electrical outlet.

2. Be patient, as the first charge of the phone should take a long time. If the battery is charging inside the phone, it is best to turn it off, unless otherwise is specified in the service instructions of your new device. The duration of the first charge should last at least 12 hours.

3. After the first charge is complete, discharge the battery completely. Only after that, put a new phone on the next charge. This will “stretch” the battery – i.e. it will help to achieve the highest possible capacity. To discharge the battery completely in the new phone, use it in the usual way. But if you need to speed up this process, you can start video playback, download several large files via Wi-Fi, play “heavy” games, etc. The more times you repeat the cycle of “full discharge – full charge” of the battery, the longer your iPhone (for example iPhone 8) will cheer you up with long battery life.


  • If your phone does not turn on after 12-24 hours of charging, or the battery indicator shows the minimum level, do not worry – sometimes this happens with devices that just come off the conveyor. Leave it to charge for another 12 hours, and then try to turn it on. If the problem persists, contact the service center. Experts should find out the cause of the problem or replace the battery.
  • Knowing how to charge a new phone battery, you should not disconnect it from the power adapter after a couple of hours, even if the indicator shows the maximum level. Leave the device connected for 12-24 hours recommended here. The indicator often incorrectly shows the charge level of new batteries.
  • Never charge a battery in a heated vehicle or windowsill on the sunny side. This can lead to overheating of the battery, leakage of its contents and even explosion. In addition, never insert a damaged battery into your phone or try to charge it, it can lead to undesirable consequences: it can damage the iPhone and even injure the user.
  • If you buy any accessories for your device, they must be Apple certified (they must have the “Made for iPhone” logo);
  • You are highly recommended not to use Chinese cables and blocks. If you are lucky, then just the battery will quickly lose its capacity, and if not, the device may get out of order or even burn up;
  • You can use the charger from your iPad;
  • If you like to use Power Bank, then buy only proven brands.

After two years of active use, you should replace the iPhone 8 battery, as it loses its properties during operation.