Drone repair

Drone repair min

Repair of drones is a rather much-in-demand service in our service center. Did you notice a malfunction in your favorite equipment? Contact the specialists of our service center for help! Qualitatively, promptly and at an affordable cost, we will eliminate any problem!

      Why drones fail

      The owner controls the drone using the remote control, and most often the smartphone is used as a screen. And as statistics show, in 80% of cases, damage to the drone is caused by the inept control of the device during the flight. You can understand that the device needs repair if you noticed the following symptoms:

  • the device does not turn on;
  • the blades do not work;
  • battery breakdown;
  • failure of sensors or mechanical buttons;
  • damage to the remote control;
  • damage to the case;
  • stopped keeping balance.

      How we perform restoration work

      Before repairing our specialists perform detailed diagnostics of drones, after which they inform you about the method, cost and timing of the recovery procedures. It is worth noting that all repairs are carried out only after the consent of the client. Having agreed all the nuances, we proceed to troubleshoot. Depending on the nature of the damage, cleaning, maintenance, drone modernization, replacement or restoration of parts may be necessary. The price of repairing drones directly depends on the degree of damage, the availability and rarity of spare parts, as well as the urgency of the work. The final stage of the device maintenance is testing, checking the functional characteristics and issuing the drone to the client.

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