Does black wallpaper save battery iPhone?

Last year, with the release of  iOS 13, a dark mode appeared on the iPhone. In addition to the stylish design, reducing eye strain, the dark mode has a positive effect on the iPhone, increasing its battery life. The other day, the YouTube channel PhoneBuff decided to check how much the dark mode saves the battery life.

      On which iPhone models does the dark mode save battery power?

      An important detail is that the effect of the dark mode on the battery life extends only to devices with OLED displays. Among them: iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but not iPhone XR or iPhone 11.

      Other older models with an IPS screen will not have a significant difference in consumption between the dark and light modes – the backlight always works, regardless of the theme of the system design.

      During testing, two iPhones XS were used – one in light mode and one in dark. Then, the smartphones performed the same tasks, including watching YouTube videos, navigating Google maps, using the Messages app, and scrolling through the Twitter feed. Both smartphones worked at a high backlight level of 200 nits and only applications that supported the dark mode were used in the test.

      The results showed that the dark mode of iOS 13 really helps to extend the battery life of the iPhone XS. While the device “died” in the light mode, the iPhone still had 30% of the battery power in the dark mode.

      Pixels on OLED displays turn off when black is displayed, while IPS screens keep their pixels illuminated regardless of what is displayed on the screen. This means that OELD will always benefit from the dark mode. Also, owners of smartphones with such screens are recommended to use dark screensavers in the background instead of light ones.      If the battery runs out quickly enough on your  iPhone, you should show the device to Mr Fix specialists. They can give you accurate information about the state of the battery and motherboard and make high-quality repairs and restore the gadget.