Cost to Repair A MacBook at the Apple Store

apple flat rate repair tiers

Not sure how much it costs to repair a MacBook at the Apple Store? No problem! The article will help you understand the cost you will need to pay for repairs at Apple’s service center.

Does Apple Store Repair MacBook?

Yes! But it depends on your location and the severity of the damage. 

Generally, if you desire to repair your MacBook at the Apple Store, it will cost you more than third-party repair services. However, there are a few situations where taking your MacBook for repair at the Apple Store will be a wise decision.

How Much Does Apple Charge to Repair Your MacBook at Apple Store?

Apple has a tiered pricing plan for MacBook repairs at its service centers. These tiers range from ‘1’ to ‘4,’ and each entertains different problems. So, depending on the repair, you might need to pay a low and high price if you choose Apple Store. 

The tiered pricing begins from $280 to $1,475, depending on your MacBook model and the servicing it needs. For example, if your MacBook 15’s touch bar is completely fried, the repair will cost you around $1,475 if you take it to the Apple Store. 

Similarly, if you want to replace your MacBook Air 13 (2017) screen due to minor dents, it is working fine. Then, going to the Apple Store won’t be a good idea. Why so? The service center will cost you $799 + sales tax. 

Understanding Apple Store Pricing 

The company has six pricing models – flat rates (for component failure) and tier-based pricing (for physical damage repair). Slight damage to your MacBook can easily switch you from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Remember! As the tire goes up, the cost goes up. 

So, here’s how much it costs to repair a MacBook at the Apple Store:

Flat Rate # 1:

It starts from $280 up to $310 for components, including:

  • Left/Right I/O ports
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Fans
  • Wireless card
  • Power Adapter
  • Top case
  • Bottom case
  • Keyboard
  • Audio
  • Touch ID
  • Optical drive

Flat Rate # 2:

It starts from $475 up to $795 for components:

  • SSD
  • Display
  • Motherboard

Tier Pricing # 1:

It starts from $280 to $310 for MacBook repairing services:

  • Bottom Case
  • Enclosure
  • Speaker
  • Flex Cables
  • Fan
  • Wireless card
  • Removable memory
  • Trackpad
  • HDD
  • Audio board
  • Touch ID

Tier Pricing # 2 and # 3:

Begins from $475 up to $1,030 for:

  • Display 
  • Keyboard / Top Case

Tier Pricing # 4:

Starting from $755 up to $1,455 for repairing:

  • Solid-State Drive (SSD)
  • Logicboard