iPhone 6 charging port replacement


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iPhone 6 charging port replacement

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Are you looking for a cheap replacement of your iPhone 6 charging port? Try out our repair service!

The charging port (the Lightning port) is one of the most used parts of iPhone 6. Users typically recharge their iPhones once per day, plus they often use the charging port to connect their smartphone to a computer. It’s understandable that in time the charging port will degrade, become loose, and stop reacting to the cable.

If that’s the case with your iPhone 6 charging port, it’s best to contact a dedicated iPhone 6 repair service to replace the broken component. Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair is one such service, and we offer a cheap replacement of the charging port on your iPhone 6.

But before you contact us to replace the charging port on your iPhone 6, you should still verify if the problem is caused by the cable. Simply borrow a Lightning port cable from your friend or neighbor. If the phone doesn’t charge or can’t transfer data even with the new cable, then the charging port is definitely damaged.

Qualitative & fast iPhone 6 charging port replacement

One possible issue with the broken charging port is that dirt can soil the pins. You should first try to carefully clean up the pins yourself using a small brush. Note that after cleaning up the pins you may need to reboot your iPhone 6. But if that didn’t help, you should contact Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair, and we’ll cleanse the charging port for you.

Another issue with the charging port is that it can become less tight in its place. The entire Lightning port assembly loses the connection to the smartphone. In this case, only a professional iPhone repair service should replace the charging port on iPhone 6 to ensure that no other part of the smartphone gets damage. Besides, if you try a do-it-yourself approach, you’ll spend more money on the repair. With Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair, iPhone 6 charging port replacement will cost you just $44.99.

To sum up, if you need a quick charging port repair at small cost, contact Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer repair.

Mr FIX Cell Phone & Computer Repair values your business and strives to provide you with excellent service, quality parts and skilled repair technicians. We are a locally owned and operated full-service electronic repair shop offering reliable service when you need it. Every day!

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