iPhone 5 power/volume button repair


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iPhone 5 power/volume button repair

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iPhone 5 Power button replacement as a Volume button replacement is a craftsmanship that can be professionally done by our technicians.
Your device will function like new after On/Off iPhone 5 button replacement in Charlottesville, VA has been competed.

Even the most dependable things can break. The power button on your iPhone 5 is such a thing. After years of everyday pressing, the power button may stop working normally.

When the power button breaks, you may experience some of the following issues:

  • You can’t turn on or off your iPhone 5;
  • You can’t lock or unlock the screen;
  • The power button becomes stuck or too hard to press;
  • You can’t reboot the device.

To address the listed issues, you can use AssistiveTouch, an iOS feature. But AssistiveTouch only partially addresses the issues. It’s hardly convenient to tap on the screen several times to turn off the device. And AssistiveTouch doesn’t let you reboot your iPhone 5.

Qualitative & fast iPhone 5 power/volume button repair

To definitely fix the power button on your iPhone 5, you should replace the button with a new one. And you can choose one of two ways to repair the power button:

  • Do it yourself;
  • Ask an iPhone 5 repair service to replace the power button.

If you opt for the first way, you should know that power button replacement is one of the most difficult iPhone 5 repair. You’ll have to take to pieces the entire device. You’ll need to take off the front panel with screen, battery, and motherboard. Besides, you’ll need to get ready many tools such as a SIM-card eject tool, tweezers, three screwdrivers of different types, spudger, and iSclack or suction handle to replace the power button.

Since not every iPhone user has such instruments, you’ll have to buy the mentioned items. And that’s an extra cost besides the expenses on the power button. Instead of repairing the power button on iPhone 5 on your own, you can contact us, an iPhone 5 repair service.

We’ll not only fix the power button issues on your iPhone 5, but also test the device after the repair. We’ll also inform you about other probable issues. Replacing iPhone’s power button with Mr.Fix is also quite cheap; but money isn’t the only thing you’ll economize. You’ll save your time as our technicians fix any iPhone 5 problems very rapidly.

Just try out our iPhone 5 repair service and get a perfectly working smartphone in no time.

Mr FIX Cell Phone & Computer Repair values your business and strives to provide you with excellent service, quality parts and skilled repair technicians. We are a locally owned and operated full-service electronic repair shop offering reliable service when you need it. Every day!

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