First Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair Franchise Store has been opened

      Mr Fix is a Cell Phone, Tablet and Computer repair chain, based in Virginia. Opened in 2015, one of the repair shop advantages is significant work experience, an established quality control process, an individual approach to the client, and really affordable prices among competitors. We repair various models of gadgets and our customers are satisfied with the result! 

      It’s no secret that organizing your business from scratch is expensive and involves significant risks. According to statistics, over 50% of small businesses cannot stand two years on the market. Using a well-known brand for start-up entrepreneurs significantly reduces risks and allows you to bypass most of the “pitfalls”, which is why the direction of franchising is becoming increasingly popular. 

Franchising is the organization of business relations for opening and running a business. The subject of such an agreement is a franchise – the right to open a business under a well-known brand for a fee using technology and production secrets. Franchise is the most affordable and fast enough method for developing your business for beginner businessmen, requiring minimal investment. We fulfill the dreams of technicians to become their own bosses and business owners.

      First Mr Fix franchise store of electronics, gadgets and accessories has already been opened in August 2019! The assortment of the store includes phones, tablets, laptops, and wide range of accessories. Mr Fix franchise store is located at 7342 Bell Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. The constant desire to keep up to date, to open new horizons, study and succeed in any undertaking has become an incentive for the owner to reach a new level. Martin Wilson a storefront owner for Mr Fix franchise commented on the occasion of the store opening:

      “In June, I got laid off from Сapital One. But when one door closes another opens and we were blessed with a wonderful opportunity.

      I’m no longer working for anyone else, I am my own boss!

      I am pleased to announce that I am officially a storefront owner for Mr Fix franchise.

      I couldn’t have done this without love and support of my amazing wife, and I’m excited to be starting this together!”

      A team of specialists will select for you the latest Apple products, flagship smartphones, tablets, computers and other trendy gadgets with accessories.

      Also, everyone who wants to open a store, you are welcome to send us an email: [email protected]. Let your dream come true!


Address: 11800 W Broad Str., Richmond, VA 23233 (Short Pump Town Center)

Phone: 804-244-7444



Address: 7342 Bell Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Phone: 804-728-9988