Back of iPhone cracked repair cost

The back glass of more recent iPhones is one of their most appealing qualities, but it also contributes to their extreme fragility. Likely, you’ve accidentally broken the rear glass of your iPhone 8 or later. Even the finest of us experience this!

Even a tiny crack or chip in the back glass of your phone can soon spread and harm the device more. In addition to making it more difficult for you to use your iPhone correctly, shattered back glass can also cut your palms and fingers.

Unfortunately, many individuals put it off because of the cost and inconvenience of the back glass repair. We at Mr Fix strive to make the process as painless as possible for you.

Sole Mr Fix uses the most recent equipment, particularly for replacing an iPhone’s rear glass, making it the area’s only iPhone repair facility. We can finish this repair for a fraction of what Apple charges because of this machine.

Additionally, our technique for finishing this repair takes a lot less time, making it more practical for you and secure for your iPhone. The longer an iPhone has a crack in its back glass, the greater the chance that moisture and other debris can cause evens more damage.

We are aware that having your phone fixed might be stressful. To help you understand what to expect from the moment you enter the store until you leave with a brand-new iPhone, we’re sharing every step of the process with you.

1. Bring your phone to The Lab and leave it there for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours. The cost of the repair is $99. We’ll also discuss whether you’d want a custom-engraved rear glass for an additional cost.

2. We position your iPhone on the machine to be cut after measuring the height of its surface. The device will project the chosen template onto your iPhone when our repair specialists choose the appropriate one for your model. This makes sure that your phone won’t sustain any damage when having the back glass repaired.

3. After ensuring the template is projected correctly, we examine it again, and then the machine starts scraping paint and glue out of the cracked back glass. It is okay to remove it once it has made two passes over the back glass.

4. After removing the rear glass, we put your iPhone back in the machine to clean the residue from the back properly.

5. The new back glass can adhere once we’ve ensured all debris is gone. Your iPhone will be secured in clamps to guarantee that the new glue dries and cures properly.

You can typically pick up your iPhone before lunch if you drop it off with us in the morning because the entire process takes 30 minutes to 2 hours.