Apple Watch Not Pairing? Here’s What You Should Do

apple watch won't pair

Since Apple Watch is part of Apple’s ecosystem, there aren’t any complications when pairing with iPhone. You must scan the QR code through your iPhone and make the connection. And whenever the watch is near the iPhone, it automatically gets synced. 

But sometimes, pairing Apple Watch with iPhone becomes a huge challenge. However, the good news is that you can fix this issue in no time. So if you want to know to do it, keep reading this article.

1. Check Your Apple Watch’s Settings

Some Apple Watch settings prevent it from pairing with iPhone. Therefore, you need to check and correct the following settings.

Airplane Mode

Disable Airplane Mode on both iPhone and Apple Watch for seamless pairing. If any device has left with an enabled Airplane Mode, it will disconnect all the frequencies, including NFC, Wireless, and Bluetooth. As a consequence, it will be impossible to pair the Apple Watch. 


The Bluetooth of your iPhone must be enabled so it can make a connection with the Apple Watch. Therefore, go to the Access Control Centre and make sure the Bluetooth button is turned on. 

Note: You can check whether or not your Apple Watch is connected by accessing the control center. If the iPhone icon is turned “green,” it means the watch is connected. If the icon appears “red”, no iPhone is connected. 

2. Force Restart Your Apple Watch and iPhone

If the above ways don’t work, try to force restart your devices.

Force Restarting the Apple Watch

Press and hold the digital crown and side button simultaneously until the Apple logo shows on the screen. Ensure the watch is disconnected from the charger; otherwise, it won’t force restart. 

Force Restarting iPhone 8 or Latest Models

Press your iPhone’s volume up button and immediately withdraw your finger/thumb. Then, press your phone’s volume down button. And immediately remove your finger from it. Now, press your iPhone’s side button until you see the Apple logo displaying on your phone’s screen. 

Force Restarting iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Press and hold the side and your iPhone’s volume down button simultaneously until the Apple logo is seen on the screen. 

Force Restarting iPhone 6s or Previous Models

Hold and press the power and home button together and release them when you find the Apple logo on the screen.

3. Reset the Network Settings on Your iPhone

If the Apple Watch is still unpaired with your iPhone, you might need to reset your phone’s network settings. To do that:

Go to the “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings.”

Next, input your password and hit the “Reset Network Settings” option. 

Note: After the network reset, you must reconnect with VPN and Wi-Fi and pair the phone with all Bluetooth devices. 

Bonus Tips
  • Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are both updated, or else you will find difficulty pairing them together
  • If nothing works, you will need to erase the Apple Watch and pair it again with your iPhone